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Scott and Sean Altman

Such an amazing show!!! They mixed it up a little, had Sean start a few by himself (he embarrassed his dad a number of times) then Scott came up and did a song with him and then did his own material. I can't remember all of Sean's songs and since this isn't a community journal dedicated to him, I'm just going to skip to the songs Scott did. Here's a list (not in any order and it might not be complete): RING AROUND THE MOON, WAITING, FOR THE FIRST TIME, SIMPLE (with Sean singing harmony), WINK AND SMILE, WHERE DO YOU GO, ELENA ARMSTRONG, PRETTY TO ME, I DARE YOU, CHATTER CHATTER, TASTY, HERE SHE COMES and a cover of CRAZY. (I'm probably forgetting some of the songs). He did do a little egg shaking with some songs for Sean and Sean did the same for him. He was completely off the hook, the stories he told were hilarious. He stated at one point that sometimes he missed having someone to tell him to shut up. He was so happy last night, it was great to see him smiling genuinely for the entire show. Next show in Boston area is at the Boarders in Braintree next month (I think he said the 16th but I 'm not sure. I'll let you know how that is.

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