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I just realized...

...I never updated here about my house concert, which was last Saturday. Well, it was AMAZING!! I highly recommend everyone has one of their own. We got started around 9 p.m. Set list included (but not in this order), KNEW YOU COULD, HERE SHE COMES, SIMPLE, FOR THE FIRST TIME, BOUNCY BALL, CRAZY (cover), ELENA ARMSTRONG, I DARE YOU, LIE, PRETTY TO ME, WAITING, PICTURE, WINK AND A SMILE (??), and AROUND THE MOON. Yeah, I know that's a pretty extensive set list. Scott played for about an hour, then we took a break for refreshments, then came back about 30 minutes later for a another set. Show ended around 11:45 and we enjoyed birthday cake (no, it's not my birthday, or anyone's for that matter...). He jetted around 12 to go back to NY. Like I said, I recommend everyone has their own house concert. My dog even liked it, because he made himself a new friend, Scott. Hehe! Adios all!

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