Jen (jenpete) wrote in scottsfans,

Scott Harris House Concert

I had a house concert on Friday August 9th. Show was set to start at 8 and Scott got to my 8! There were traffic problems--needless to say I was a wreck. There were 22 people in my house and no guest of honor. But Scott showed up and it was all good. He sang HERE SHE COMES, WINK AND SMILE, PRETTY TO ME, FOR THE FIRST TIME, SIMPLE, KNEW YOU COULD, CRAZY, AROUND THE MOON,TAKE THESE SONGS, TASTY, CHATTER CHATTER, WHERE DO YOU GO and more. He sang "Tasty" and "Take These Songs" by request. I think "Take These Songs" is one of my favorite songs ever. After he was done singing we all sat around and talked about rollar skating, Mr. Bojangles and other assorted topics. Scott is a super nice guy and gained many new fans that night. I highly recommend a house concert to anyone considering it.
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