Jen (jenpete) wrote in scottsfans,

Desert Skies Coffee Show

I'm a little behind in my updating...So Scott did a show at Desert Skies Coffee in Rochester on 8/10. The show was supposed to start at 8 but there were some technical difficulties that had to be sorted out. I put in a call to my friend Joe who is in the band Delusional Spell( he brought a PA over but Scott was still missing a cable. He made a run to Radio Shack but the guy closed 10 minutes early and wouldn't let Scott in. So he ended up doing the first set unamplified. He played TAKE THESE SONGS, BOUNCY BALL, WINK AND SMILE, AROUND THE MOON, WAITING, PRETTY TO ME, PICTURE and more that I can't remember. Mandy's husband was able to bring the cable so the second set was amplified and Mandy sang harmony. They sang FOR THE FIRST TIME, KNEW YOU COULD, EASY, HERE SHE COMES, DROP ZONE, WHERE DO YOU GO, ELENA ARMSTRONG and a couple others.
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