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Hello and show update

Hi all. I'm Jenn from MA. I saw Scott perform last night at the Kendall Cafe so I have an update on the show. Also to go along with past posts, I would have to say my fav song is SIMPLE followed closely by RING AROUND THE MOON. Here's the review:
Went to Scott's show last night. It was a really tight show and the sax and drums were great!! (don't know who was on drums but a guy named Brian was playing sax). A couple of songs I'd never heard before (well, except online). AND he did TASTY (YEAH!!! - sounded really different with sax and drums though (yes, that is a statement of the obvious)). Ok, so here's the set list: (in order) SOMEBODY, PRETTY TO ME, SIMPLE, TASTY, FOR THE FIRST TIME, WHERE DO YOU GO?, ELENA ARMSTRONG, CRAZY (cover), RING AROUND THE MOON, and I DARE YOU. It has definitely been too long since I've seen him! Talked a little about reviews (grr lol) then about the show next week. He's really excited about the show at Club Passim in Cambridge MA on Thursday ... so anyone in the area who doesn't have tickets yet GET THEM!!!!

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